Wildling Design Studio was launched as a landscape architecture practice in 2019 to highlight a design and planning approach based on the conviction that livable cities and development depend upon thoughtful incorporation of nature and natural processes into the urban fabric, and to invite collaborations and clients who seek or are open to this approach. 

Wildling is a woman-owned sole proprietorship business with SBE certification in the state of California.

Design Philosophy

Recognizing the wildness of natural processes and working with them to bring a truly resilient nature back into urban development drives Wildling’s ethos.

Wildling Design Studio looks to our relationship with nature, and the fundamental natural processes that shape and maintain ecosystems, as drivers of design and planning. Each project is a testimonial to a relationship with the land, nature, and the processes which sustain us while we seek balance with our human needs and desires. 

Design, Planning + Research

Practice Areas


Landscape architecture services include site and master planning, vision planning and feasibility studies, conceptual and construction documents for parks, plazas, streetscapes, low impact development, trails, greenways, habitats and educational, institutional, commercial, and residential settings.


From restoring streams and wetlands to watershed-sensitive site and master planning and design, Wildling works with the natural processes of the site to enhance ecosystem functions and habitats, and specializes in landscaping with native plants.

participatory DESIGN+ PLANNING

Public engagement services, including participatory design activities, focused site opportunities and constraints walks, public meeting facilitation and presentations, and user surveys are methods used by Wildling to enhance inclusivity and consensus through design. We speak Spanish and can assist with translation.


With curiosity, an exploratory spirit, and a desire to be of service, Wildling undertakes research and writing projects to further a client’s goals in achieving sustainable development and land management. Technical writing, grant applications, and plan text are services Wildling provides. 

San Jose Creek Greenway. Work by Owner as staff at North East Trees

Representative Projects

This portfolio of projects includes work performed by Wildling’s Owner, Jessica Hall, while at other organizations and companies, including: North East Trees, Restoration Design Group, Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, and GHD Inc.

Context senstivity

Wildling approaches sites with equal respect for context and existing assets and conditions be they buildings, mature trees, or other beloved elements, and the natural processes that maintain the form and function of the site.

Participation + Inclusion

Wildling seeks input from clients and stakeholders, and recommends targeted outreach to vulnerable and traditionally underserved communities that may be impacted by design decisions.

 Good design reinforces and supports cultural expression and social interaction. Understanding how clients and communities use space is critical to the design process.

Project Approach

While the design and planning process for each project will be tailored to address specific programmatic goals, these are common elements that inform our design process.

Environmental stewardship

Design proposals enhance the environmental quality and function of the landscapes while meeting the social, cultural, recreational, and aesthetic program desired. We consider climate change, and both mitigation and adaptation, as part of the design and planning process.

Project Management + Professionalism

Wildling respects client’s programmatic objectives, schedules, and budgets; maintains open channels of communication; and takes pride in reliability and quality work. We familiarize ourselves with local codes and ordinances, as well as state and federal regulations.

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Based in Eureka, serving throughout California